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Sustainability. Not just a buzz word.

Sustainability, in short, means the ability to be maintained. In the food world when someone talks about sustainability, they are usually talking about sustainable agriculture. We hope that as you browse our website and, more importantly, as you visit the restaurant you will see our commitment to sustainable agriculture is strong and sincere. But to Chef Cavanaugh and Chef Carson, a commitment to sustainability also means a commitment to a sustainable local economy — a commitment to our Lancaster community. This begins with the community of our staff by providing livable and competitive wages, health insurance to all full-time employees, and a free family-style meal before every shift. Our purchasing practices of food and non-food items guarantees that the large majority of our money spent stays in our local community.

It is now very on-trend to use the terms "sustainable", "green", and "local" when marketing one's products or services. In order to work your way around the many green-washing traps out there, don't be afraid to ask questions about the food being served to you or in the market.

Here are some of the many ways we view sustainability as an integral part of the existence of our business, and our planet:

Not everything can be local but everything can be sourced better. Organic citrus for the bar's fresh squeezed juices, Fair Trade Organic (FTO) coffee and chocolate, olive oil that is really olive oil, etc.

Ingredients not available locally, when sourced properly, can help lift many people from poverty as that practice increases. Globalization and technology has helped lift millions from poverty but there is a right way and a wrong way.

Thistle Creek Farm

There is no compromising on animals raised on pasture year-round. They are healthy and not a burden on the local eco system and water supply.

Using the whole animal is sustainable.

Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO's) are brutal and wrong for the people who have to work in them and the animals forced to endure within them. There is a better way. Sickness, filth, ignorance, brutality, and stress have no place in our food system. Unhealthy and brutalized animals do not make healthy food, or healthy people.

Animals should be fed what they have evolved to eat. If feeding them byproducts, waste, corn and soy makes them sick and in need of antibiotics shouldn't we look at the source of the problem?

Antibiotic resistant bacteria from CAFO's are a very serious problem and will get worse. Consumer's choices and education is the way to change it.

Politicians have not earned our trust. The Farm bill is beyond repair and needs to be scrapped. We cannot continue to subsidize the crops that make us sick. Tax dollars for corn, soy and wheat over broccoli, raspberries and pastured heritage livestock? Take a look around you and let us know how that's working out.

If we don't get away from subsidized mono-culture and back to rotational multi-species farming America's top soil will not endure. That is a matter of National Security. Who's the Patriot now?

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The way we eat, live, and move has a direct impact on our water supply. Water is the gold of the future. Compromising the water supply is a matter of National Security.

People need to educate themselves and take responsibility for their nutrition. Watch less reality TV and spend less time on Facebook. Live, cook and celebrate in this moment of life. Make the most of your reality and enjoy the table of community.

Do you really think sugary drinks, junk food and fast food are even remotely good for you? Man up and put some effort into your life. You are only doing it for yourself and your family. Be responsible. Think ahead, ask questions, experiment.

Cook, exercise, play with your kids and read more. A lot more.

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